The Home of Organic Fruit & Vegetables

The Home of Organic Fruit & Vegetables

The Home of Organic Fruit & VegetablesThe Home of Organic Fruit & Vegetables

About Us


Mark took over the running of Barley Wood Kitchen Garden in 2009. As a deep lover of nature, Mark is committed to growing quality and delicious produce in as wholesome and holistic way possible. Ellie has worked alongside Mark since 2015 and is just as passionate about their work and moving into more localised community based ways of being. Having always stuck to completely organic methods, we are open and seeking to learn ever better ways to work with the land and the life below and above ground. In 2017, we turned the garden completely over to ‘no dig’ and have not looked back. We sell the majority of our produce in our veg boxes and at farmers markets at the weekends, along with our little ‘honesty-box’ run shop on site. We also supply the Ethicurean restaurant, within our walls, as well as a few other select restaurants in Bristol.  


Veg Boxes...

We run a small & limited number weekly veg box scheme, keeping within a very local radius. At £12.50 each, the box always contains the staples (potatoes, onions & carrots); the rest of the items change as per the season. As the season draws to an end and winter sets in, there is not so much variety but we hope to make up for this by providing lots of recipes to keep the senses entertained!


Farmers' Markets...

You can find us at the following farmers' markets:

Axbridge & Long Ashton - Every first Saturday of the month

Portishead - 2nd Saturday of the month

Nailsea - 3rd Saturday of the month



In doing our bit to help save the planet and biodiversity, along with wanting to promote small-scale local vegetable production and nourishing those around us, we also want to provide a resource/platform for delicious, completely plant-based recipes. We are grateful to receive any feedback, notable favourites and your own recipes you wish to share.